Below are all of the domains I have that I wish to publish. As time goes on, almost all of my subdomains, and domains will be with shorter URLs. As for now, there are a number of domains that are using longer URLs. This will take some time to resolve.

  • frankpilone.com – redirects to frankpilone.name
  • frankpilone.info – redirects to frankpilone.name
  •  frankpilone.name – redirects to fsp.ws
  • frankpilone.net – redirects to frankpilone.name
  • frankpilone.org – redirects to frankpilone.name
  • fsp.cc – Internal Redirects
    • dl.fsp.cc – File Download Site
  • fsp.contact – My Contact Site
  • fsp.domains – This site
  • fsp.to – External Redirects
  • fsp.ws – Personal Site of Frank S. Pilone
  • fspeml.com – Redirects to eml.fsp.contact
  • pilone.name – redirects to pilone.tel
  • pilone.tel – Contact Directory for Pilone Family

If you should have any questions, feel free to write me. I will be happy to answer any questions you have.