This page will go into detail of how my pages are laid out. I use the same theme and layout for all of my WordPress driven sites. This is to allow you to have a consistent look and feel if you were to happen to be a regular visitor of my sites. Viewing this site on a mobile device will be described based on using a 6.1″ screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Desktop Layout

At the very top of the page will be the site name, and my site tagline. This is designed to help assure that there is some consistency through the sites. To the right of that section will be a search field. Below this will be a horizontal line of all of my pages and sections. If you see a triangle next to the name, this will be a section. Hovering your mouse over the section will bring a drop down menu.

Below the pages/sections of the site, and to the left – you will find links to all of the sub-domain (sites with the same domain) sites which you can navigate to. If you were to go into another one of my domains, this section will change the sites availble. If someone wanted to see all of my sites, they will go to the home page of this site. Below the sites will be a list of all of the pages, including those in the sections. This essentially makes the portion below the site name obsolete, but I do not know how to edit WordPress sites.

To the right of the sites, and pages will be the content of that page This will obviously vary in length depending on what I have to say. Some pages may only be a few sentences while other pages maybe several paragraphs. It will basically depend again on what I have to say.

Below. the page listings will be the footer. This section of the site will have bare essentials, and basic details. This is designed to minimize the number of times I will edit this section. Making a change to the footer will have to be done across more than a dozen websites. This task is easy, but tedious.

Mobile Layout

On the top of the page, you will find the site title which might be cut-off depending on the length of the title. Below that will be the site tagline and centered. Below that will be a search field. Below the search will be the Menu. Taping on the Menu will bring down a list of all of the pages and sections. If there is a section, there will be a + on the right hand side of the drop down. Taping on the + will display the pages within that section. The = then turns into a – which you will tap to collapse the sub menu.

Below the menu will be the page name, and content. As with the desktop version, the content can be a few sentences to several paragraphs.

After the content will be links to all of the sub-domains within the domain you are visiting. You can select those links to open a new page with that site opened up to. Below the site listing will be the Pages links, and below that – the footer.


My personal preference will be to visit my sites with a desktop web browser. If you do not have a computer, then a larger tablet might work out. Since I don’t have a lot of resources, I can’t get multiple devices to define which will display the desktop version vs. the mobile version.