This page will go into detail of how my pages, and domains are setup, and laid out. Everything is the same as far as layout, and capabilities go. I would imagine that as people browse my websites, they will catch on to what this page discloses. Once you get the hang of one of my domain’s layout, you would have the hang of all of my sites.

The very top of my page will have the sub-domain name, and under that – it will say A Frank S. Pilone Website. This allows you to have a good grasp of the site, and who owns it. This makes sure that you know where you are at. On the right hand side, there will be a site-wide search engine. Beneath that, there will be a list of all of the pages. If the page is actually a section (such as FAQ), there will be a triangle pointing down. If you hover the mouse over the section, a popup of all of the pages that are in that section will show up.

Below that area on the left hand side will have a list of websites. These are websites within the current domain you are in. So being in my contact section will provide a different set of websites than what my personal site will provide. Beneath that will be a set of links that would provide for all of the pages. This is pretty redundant from what is on top, but I would prefer this setup instead. To the right of the links is the content section (such as what you are reading now). Obviously, every page has its own content, and to explore the site in its entirety, you must read each page.

Below that is the page footer. This will provide information that is the same across all sites. If I should make a change, I will make effort to change every site as quickly as possible. With that in mind, only information that I believe won’t change will be located here. Starting with this information, you would see my toll-free telephone number along with all of the capabilities it supports. Next to that, you would see my email. The email address is not hyperlinked but you could always copy and paste. Also, my email address is easier to remember if you know my full name. Next to that, you would find a link to download my VCF. My VCF will contain all of my public contact information. If you download this file from your phone, it should add my contact information with little effort from you. If your OS has an integrated contact manager, the OS may prompt you to add the card to your contacts. If you select yes, then my email address will be included along with my toll-free number, and at least one website. Below all of that will be links to all of my domains. You can simply select which one you wish to visit next.