Domain Structure

I have 4 domains all with a broad subject that attempts to make sense with the person visiting the site. Each website has a unique sub-domain related in that domain. Each site will focus on a more specific details, and information. All of my websites uses WordPress, and is an SSL site. If you look at the URL, you should see https:// and/or a lock. Let’s dig further into the domains of my network.

  • – Contact Information
  • – Domain Related
  • – My Imagination and What Ifs
  • – My Personal Sites

Now let’s look at why it is important to make sense on a domain level. I have two sub-domains each of them being tel. With that in mind, there is, and The first URL is in relation to my telephone services, and device. The second URL is in relation of what if I was a telephone service provider. Obviously, similar URL (with the domain extension being different), but dramatically different subjects. And then there is which is my basic contact information.