What’s with the Footer?

On the bottom and to the left of every page is my contact links. The first line will provide a voice telephone number, and my SMS number. Keep in mind, you can not text my voice line, nor can you call my SMS line. This may seem confusing, however SMS is no longer supported on my [Toll-Free] number. In addition, I have SMS services only on my [SMS] line. Calling this number will play a network call restricted error message. Calling my [Toll-Free] number, or texting my [SMS] number will go to my primary phone. The reason for this is I will not accept stranger SMS messages or calls to my [Primary] telephone number. This is a slight inconvenience, but one worth while as it allows you to choose to call my [Toll-Free] number, or send an SMS to my [SMS] number.

Next line is my email address, and VCF download file. These two options will allow you to either email me, and/or use the VCF to get almost all of my public contact information downloaded to your contacts. This is simple, and to the point. And while my email address may look strange, it is a valid email address. I have also been using this address since before 2005.

Last are links to all of my domains. Selecting one of these links will open a new browser window, and take you to the appropriate domain. You can then select individual sites to visit based on the domain you selected. For example, this domain does not have any subsidiary websites, whereas my personal domain has 3 additional websites.

On the right hand side of my footer, you will find a promotional link to the theme I use. You can further download the theme to install in your WordPress driven site, or acquire the pro version to where you can do customization on the theme. This is done by the developer of the theme, and I have no control over that small patch of my footer.