Why Multiple Domains?

There are a couple of reasons why I have multiple domains. The main reason is Internet presence. With multiple domains, I will hopefully be able to show higher is search results. With that in mind, I try to give my main domains a role and purpose whereas the other domains are there for brand identity.

My frankpilone domains redirects to my primary website which is fsp.ws. This is the domain that provides for my personal content, and sub-domains under this domain is intended on more particular points of my life. For example, one sub-domain is my budget, and how I negotiate my money. This will allow anyone typing in the most common domain extensions with my name to come to the main site, and therefore, hopefully gain traffic.

The fsp domains I have all serves a purpose. For example, this domain is all about my domains (therefore – fsp.domains). I currently keeping seven of such domains. Three domains are content. One domain is in case I wish to bring back my What If Sites. One is exclusively contact information, and two are redirects. With this in mind, I am hoping that all of these domains can feed off of each other, and therefore raise my ranking in search engines.

fspeml.com is exclusively for auto-replies. Visiting this site will send you directly to my email site. All auto-replies will go through this site since Dreamhost hasn’t been very good with handling my auto-replies, therefore fspeml.com is hosted with another company.

There are three pilone domains. First is pilone.co which is an email forwarding. Then there is pilone.name which currently hosts my brother’s memorial site. And last, pilone.tel provides links to all of the addresses in pilone.name.