These are desired domain names. The reason for this is because three letter domain names are so hard to find, and register. I have multiple 3 letter domains. Every domain serves a purpose, and with the eventual transition to moving my sites to the three letter domains, it will mean it will be easier for someone to type the address and visit the site.

fsp.contact is my contact site. From there, you would get all of my contact information that can not fit in a single web page. For example, when visiting my telephone site, you would see messaging clients that are available on the telephone.

The second is this domain. While it is small, there is enough information to warrant its own domain. If I was to move this domain (cost savings), I will use my fsp.contact site to host the domain.

The third domains is fsp.im which is all my imagination, and what if scenarios. All of the various sub-domains in this domain isĀ not real, but imaginary. For example, I have a what if I had a computer company. I do not have a computer company. If for some miracle, I was to have a computer company, I will remove that sub-domain, and acquire a unique domain for the company.

The fourth is my .tel address. I had connectivity issues with this domain, so it has been minimized in its role. It still has accurate contact information, but again – the .contact sites seems to be more reliable.

Last is my personal network of websites. This will include my personal site, a site to combat scams, my budget site, and how I handle living on SSI. These sites will be my personal life, and therefore is real (when compared to the previous domain).